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Help Prevent Ovarian Cancer

Any cancer is scary enough, but ovarian cancer is even scarier.  Many women mistakenly think that Pap smears test for this type of cancer.  It does not.  At present there is no test for ovarian cancer.  Worse, if it's not found very early, which it rarely is, it's often fatal.

There's many things that may reduce your risk.  Pregnancies and birth control pills actual seem to reduce the incidence of this disease.  Maintaining a healthy weight is protective against all cancers, as is proper nutrition.  Most people don't realize that some foods actually seem to have a protective effect against ovarian cancer as well as some other cancers.

Apigenin is a flavenoid, one of a family of "citrus bioflavenoids".  According to an article published in the  International Journal of Cancer, April 2009, apigenin intake was associated with a suggestive decrease in ovarian cancer risk.  What foods contain this compound?

Tomatoes, especially concentrated tomato products such as tomato paste, spaghetti sauce and marinara sauce.  Try our Sicilian Style Spaghetti Sauce.  For this and many other reasons, tomatoes in some form should be a daily part of everyone's diet.

Celery.  This veggie can be chopped or sliced into many different recipes, such as potato salad, picadillo, chili con carne, soups and even lightly pickled.  Believe it or not, it makes a great main dish, too.  Try Celery & Potatoes.

Herbs such as parsley, basil, peppermint and thyme are good sources, and a tasty addition to many dishes.

Red wine contains apigenin, as do red grapes, tea and broccoli.   This useful flavenoid shows possible benefits to other health concerns as well; arteriosclerosis, other difficult cancers including pancreatic, plus apigenin seems to make chemotherapy more effective if one already has cancer.

Other foods that are reported (but not proven) to have a preventive effect are ginger, dried or fresh, and turmeric or curry powder.

This is one more reason to make vegetables and fruits the major part of your diet.

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