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Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)

You've been told not to wash your vegetables before storing, but sometimes they are so dirty...and you don't know where they've been or who has handled them.  Here's a way to wash them without increasing spoilage - in fact, it promotes longer healthier life.

Fill your sink with cold water and add about 1/4 cup of ordinary 3% peroxide.  It's available at a low price in pharmacies and groceries.  Soak soft items like lettuce about 20 minutes, and hard items like radishes or cucumbers for 30.  Remove, dry off or drain.  Greens can benefit from being wrapped loosely in an old dish towel.  They will keep fresh longer in the refrigerator without fear of cross-contamination - one reads so much about salmonella and other  harmful germs on vegetables or fruits.  Even organic produce can carry germs usually picked up from the natural fertilizer used on them.

Mushrooms should not be washed, but wrapped loosely in an old dish towel until ready to use.  For all produce, don't leave it tightly wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam; it's a living organism and needs to breathe!

Wipe your counters down with the water and peroxide too, to kill germs.  If you've prepared poultry, especially turkey, you should also clean with an antibacterial.






























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