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New Use for Photo Albums

I have gathered thousands of recipes over the years, and most have been reworked more than once.  I used to glue them on cards, but by now the glue has yellowed or they've dried out and popped off.  Worse, more than once, I've lost or misfiled a family favorite.

Also, when cutting recipes out of the newspaper or a magazine, it rarely fits on the standard file card.   You can put them in an album quickly, and it keeps them clean when you're cooking.

I often see a recipe in some publication and think, heck, I can do better than that.  I clip it out to try sometime.  Often I glue it onto lined paper and put it in a binder.  This page often gets very nasty (I'm a messy cook).  If I just throw it into the hanging onion basket or stick it behind the spice rack, it's worse.  I make alterations, sometimes big ones, making notes on a small yellow pad.  Then I can't figure out at some later date what goes with what.  (Well, I'm organized for some things!)

For that reason, I read with great interest the contribution to the great Recipe du Jour's newsletter, Tips du Jour.  A reader suggests buying inexpensive 3-ring photo albums, the kind that have sticky pages with peel-back plastic.  Perfect!  I can put a clipping in there, as well as any notes or changes I make, and when I want another go at it, just take the page out of the album.  They don't get  messy because the plastic can be wiped off.

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