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Into Each Life.....

A relative used to intone, when as a child I complained about my problems, "Into each life some rain must fall."   I used to think this was unfair all around.  Eventually I filed away this gloomy adage, and substituted this saying:  "When life hands you some broken eggs, make an omelet!".

From Karen Danielson, who obviously also looks on the bright side:

 "Good Morning!  It's a rainy day here in Pennsylvania, but all the better to make my garden grow.  My herb garden is  growing by leaps and bounds and the basil is whispering 'pesto, pesto' to me.  Soon it will be time to start harvesting my tomatoes, zucchini, peppers (green, habeneros, Anaheim and banana), yellow crookneck squash and cucumbers.  I'm already licking my lips and thinking of all the ways I will cook them. 

"Here's a recipe from my up and coming cookbook 'Homecooking  101 -- Collections and Creations from Karen Danielson's Kitchen', that I would like to share.  Chicken Stroganoff is relatively quick and easy to prepare and as an added bonus, it's heart-healthy!"  

Think of us when you utilize that harvest, and keep passing on the best of your kitchen, Karen!

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