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We have met the enemy.....

    If you're over 50, maybe you remember that famous comic strip with a humanized possum in the Okefenokee swamp, and his most famous observation:  "We have met the enemy and he is us!"   This wise observation is never more true than in the times we live in.

    The present administration in the start of 2017 is very proactive concerning the safety of the American citizens. That's as it should be. Our society has fallen into a pit of violence, drug addiction. massacres and more. One isn't safe in the streets, nor even often in our homes. It isn't safe while driving. Something is overdue to be done.

    I read a snippet the other day mostly about Miami-Dade County, where I live; we have excellent trauma centers that are busy places indeed. The article said that the armed services sends medical personal to South Florida to train in violent trauma injuries before sending them overseas to war.

    Individuals are too often plotting violence and robbery; we have yet to find a solution to such violence. I'm referring to illegal immigrants and legal residents from other countries, right. NO! I am writing about our own citizens, born and raised in the USA, who have fallen into the trap of drive-by shootings, robbery as a way of financial gain, people so miserable in their own skins they turn to alcohol and drugs, cause accidents, ingest poisons while supporting drug distributors, or engage in domestic violence.

    Keeping out immigrants and visitors from other countries, or building a huge wall at great cost, especially with most of our borders wide open, won't do a darn thing about these problems. It won't stop widespread corruption in government; it won't halt illegal actions by bankers and other in positions of power and wealth. None of the actions taken by those in government will keep us safe nor make us strong.

    To quote a Christian jeremiad: ""Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone....."

    If my late husband were still here, he'd say "Let's move to Canada!" Multitudes are taking another path; marching, demonstrating, protesting, filling the streets with outrage. The crowds far, far outnumber any number estimated on how many attended the inauguration. Not for Americans the cowering, hoping for a better day. Americans put their life and liberty on the line for what they believe in, unlike those in many other countries. I hope it won't come to another "Kent State" type of scenario before some resolution in reached.

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