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Scorched Chili Remedy

Some people like chili hot, but burning or scorching it isn't the way to get there.  Fuller Brush Divisional Director Joanne Rice shared this with me.

She was cooking a pot of chili, got distracted and scorched it.  Now we all know that if chili or anything similar gets really, really burned on, nothing will save it.  This was just scorched badly; she did the right thing, dumping the chili into another pan and leaving the burned part behind to discard.

Unfortunately it still tasted scorched.  She hated to throw it out, and looked for a remedy.  After discarding several suggestions, someone told her to add some peanut butter.

Peanut butter!  Actually, I've seen recipes for chili that call for peanut butter, but never had the nerve to try them.  Joanne decided to give it a try; she added a large tablespoonful of peanut butter and continued to slow cook.

"You've changed the recipe,"  commented her husband.  "It's very good!"   No burnt taste!

Joanne adds "My son took a container of chili to work and the girls went wild, best chili ever!"   

Of course you don't have to scorch the food to make such great chili!  You can just add peanut butter to your regular recipe.   But keep this remedy in mind the next time you scorch the beans!

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