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From contributor Bev Avery:

"Did you know there was a TV show now called 'The Sneaky Chef'?  This woman thinks she has cornered the market on fooling kids into eating vegetables.  Cauliflower in Mac and Cheese?    Maybe you should send her your email address and let her know a few things."

Bev, thanks for your faith in me, but whatever works.  Actually, I think cauliflower might be good in Mac and Cheese, but then, I'm not a purist when it comes to that dish.  My kids weren't overly picky, so I had a little more leeway with my sneakiness.  If they had been, no telling what sneaky tricks I'd have gotten up to.

Chef Missy Chase Lapine is REALLY sneaky!  She's written a cookbook, "The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids' Favorite Meals".   For those whose kids totally resists eating nutritious food, it's a thought-provoking book.  Another of her books is  The Sneaky Chef: How to Cheat on Your Man (In the Kitchen!): Hiding Healthy Foods in Hearty Meals Any Guy Will Love for picky hubbies.  And a video:

The Sneaky Kitchen
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