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Celebrating the Green

When I was growing up, my mother or I would play the piano, accompanying my father as he sang in his lovely baritone.  One of his favorite songs went, as I recall:

"Oh, a little bit of heaven fell from out the sky one day...."

Guess what that piece of paradise turned into?  The song ended (referring to the angels):

"...and they called it Ireland."

I think of that song every March 17th, as I pick out a green outfit to wear.

My father had just a little bit of Irish, gathered when some Williamson ancestors fled Scotland and stayed a generation or so in Ireland before immigrating to the USA.  But he could really get into the spirit, especially on St. Patrick's Day.  Here's an Irish blessing my father would quote:

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind always be at your back,
May the rain fall softly upon your fields,
And the sun shine warm upon your face,
And when you die, may you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows you're dead!

Are you wearing green on the 17th?   Why do we do that, and how did St. Patrick's Day start?  What's it all about?  Read this history.

I almost always fix Corned Beef and Cabbage Boil for St. Paddies', using canned corned beef.  It's fast, economical and satisfying.   But there's better choices if you have time and energy and several people to dinner.  Browse these sites:

See Boxty, Champ, Colcannon,  and more.

Irish Abroad has a wealth of recipes.

Alphabet Soup has children's activities, art, recipes and more to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Don't limit your testing of Irish recipes to St. Patrick's Day.  Celebrate the Emerald Island's distinctive and healthy food all year round.

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