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Substitute foods to overcome those unhealthy eating habits

Years ago we really didn't know that some eating habits were unhealthy, or we suspected they were, but being young and invincible ignored that little voice of warning.  At some point most of us realize we have to give up that second or third serving, those rich foods or an extra drink.   One of my downfalls was deep fried onion rings.  This dish is absolutely laden with fat and salt, but so very good.    Most of the time I could resist, but once or twice a year I gave in. 

I remember a sad parting a few years ago.  The yearning wouldn't go away, and I fried up a very large onion.  When it was done I decided that was the last time, and I bade farewell forever to a favorite food.   Eating that onion was a bittersweet experience.

Do we need to completely deny ourselves?  Not always.  There are so many substitutes for our favorite unhealthy foods, and life is more enjoyable when we find them.   Last year I discovered Frazzled Onions.  

Denial doesn't always work; substituting often can.  List the favorite foods you have stopped eating or need to give up, and do some research to find substitutes or alternative cooking methods that are almost as good and satisfying. 

Life's often rough - be good to yourself by enjoying your food!

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