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The Wearing of the Green

It's almost time again.  For what?  St. Patrick's day!  

My dad loved St. Patrick's day and idolized everything Irish, even though he only had a wee drop of Irish blood, gathered during a generation in that country when some of his ancestors fled Scotland during one of the wars with England, eventually migrating to Protestant safety in the early, wild and wooly USA.   He had a favorite Irish blessing- see Celebrating the Green.   On that page you will also find some fun links for you and for children. 

Here's some recipes for that special day.  

Why celebrate St. Patrick's day?  Many, when they think of Ireland and the Irish people, may have some negative stereotypes - terrorism, a brand of Catholicism that is sometimes more restrictive than comforting, famine, alcoholism and more.   But the Irish have suffered greatly for centuries.  Their lands were stolen, their meager crops failed, fighting, famine and humiliation were the norm, and their children, generation after generation, left for "greener pastures".  See Ireland Island with history, stories and striking photos, to learn more.

This huge island was the embarking-place for the ancient travelers, who long before written history traveled and traded with the New World and the original North Americans of oriental stock - the true stepping-off place for the meeting of east and west.   As such, they were a prime target for invaders from the south and the east for centuries.  There's ample evidence of astrological, technical and navigational knowledge far ahead of their time, and ancient religions as valid and persistent as modern ones.  

For the first time, the present generation is tending to stay in Ireland - and many of its children are coming home.  If you place an order to an 800 number, there's a good chance that no matter what the language, it's taken by an Irish operator.  This is a true cottage industry, enabled by satellites, modern telephone systems and computers.  Tourism is becoming more popular now that violence between Irish and British, Catholic and Protestants, is a bit more contained.  And the scenery.... 

Just as St. Patrick reputedly banished snakes from Ireland, technology appears to be relieving the Irish people's long history of misery.  How a race that life has treated so badly has kept its hope, its love of country, and pride of ancestry is an example of the resilience of the human spirit.  So let's all help them celebrate their great holiday on March 17th, St. Patrick's day, with the wearing of the green.  

Do kids today still have the right to pinch anyone who fails to wear green?  Be sure and have your green clothing ready (and your children's also if you have any).  I have always been so stupid when I first wake up, I often forgot the green when I was in school, and ended up with multiple bruises.   If you have no green clothes, a pin or artificial shamrock will protect you from unwanted pinches!    Right click on the shamrock above, and select Print Picture; cut out your shamrock and wear it for protection, and in honor of a valiant nation.

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