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Turn Back the Years?

Many Hispanic cultures have a more philosophical approach to aging than "Anglos"; the culture is rich with oft used sayings (dichos) such as "The (passage of) years doesn't lie" or "Age isn't forgiving".   Native American Indian cultures and many African and Asian cultures all revered elders, as a resource of knowledge as well as respect for having survived. 

We in the USA have gone from sayings such as "I've earned every one of these gray hairs" and "My wrinkles show character" to a sometimes frantic race to hide one's age.   Plastic surgery, girdles and support bras, wrinkle correctors and excessive makeup all are symptoms.  There's nothing wrong with trying to look ones best - but it's even more important to FEEL ones best, given one's personal circumstances.

What if a simple change or two could actually turn back the years?  Plus maybe give you a happier outlook on life?  Would be easier, safer and cheaper than plastic surgery?  Read on....

The current American diet is seriously unbalanced in the types of fats consumed.  This is partly due to the invention of an extremely stable commercial fat, trans-fat or hydrogenated fat, which is only recently under serious fire from government sources (see Remember Oleo?) although some doctors have been speaking out about it for years.

Read EVERY label and if it has trans-fat or hydrogenated fat, don't buy it.   Be VERY cautious about eating at fast food places, or just don't do it.

Here's info on where to include more Omega 3 in a tasty diet, not just by eating more fish, plus more about its benefits: The Omega Principle - Some Fish Fats Protect the Heart.  What If They Could Also Treat Your Brain?  by Sally Squires in The Washington Post.

Our own doctor highly recommends a whopping amount of 1000 mg fish oil capsules, which he himself takes.  I've personally seen people look years younger, avoid bypass surgery, have more supple skin and more energy, by highly increasing Omega 3 while cutting down on carbs, sweets and unhealthy fat, plus exercising and if needed, dropping some pounds.

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