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Unschooled Nutrition

Recently we wrote about the problems with trying to maintain a healthy diet for your children when they are in school or daycare for one or two of their meals and/or snacks; the article was entitled "Picky eater got you down?".    We wrote:

"I can only suggest that if your child is in day care or school already, you take steps to be sure the food and drink supply offered there doesn't undermine your efforts to cure a picky eater."

Dr. Weil answers a woman who has this very concern.  Her day care provider serves blue popsicles and Hi-C, because "the kids like this stuff and it's inexpensive".  He suggests talking to other parents about your concerns and see if they share them.   He also refers his readers to the informative searchable site with suggestions and recipes, Healthy School Meals.

You can make a difference!   See the article in the San Francisco Chronicle, "Berkeley School Board OKs Organic Lunches for Students" for a report on what can be accomplished if enough people care.   This ambitious project not only better nourishes the children, but educates them as well. 


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