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Variety is the Spice of -- Dinner?

Familiar is nice, variety is spice.  Both can make for better mealtimes.

One thing that makes life interesting is to do something different, or have something unusual happen.  Notice that on days when things are out of the ordinary, time appears to slow down?     

Spouses, too, appreciate a change.  In a survey a few years ago, of successful marriages, one trait that was prized was the ability to surprise.

What better way to amuse your kids and amaze your spouse that to have a different a memorable meal.  Not just the foods, but how you serve them.

See our Ten Commandments for Serving Variety with your Meals.

Spice things up for everyday meals.  Get some interesting dishes, place mats, serving pieces and accessories.  Short of funds?  Visit junk shops, flea markets and garage sales.   (I'm no Martha Stewart, believe me.  Some of my most interesting and useful stuff was found  that way.)  No one wants to come to the table every day and see the same old same old.  Brighten the place up!  You and your family deserve it.

Be free; be inventive; listen to your inner child.  In other words, get out of the rut and into the swing!  Variety is the spice of life-- and of dinner.  Enjoy!

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