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We The People.....

One of the three producers of Recipe Du Jour website also has a blog on WordPress.  Simply Tim wrote a thought-provoking piece that starts...

"Used to be the United States government was led by statesmen whose service was considered to be a duty to their country rather than a self-serving vocation: all of them -- beginning with George Washington -- would rather have been at home overseeing their families and households than steering a country into the future; instead, they served their terms as true patriots. Somewhere along the way, however, the United States government evolved into an entity run by politicians whose agendas have become driven not from duty, but the need for power and the almighty, time-consuming reelection process.

How did "We the People" let that happen?

It is a sad and frightening state of affairs..."

How right he is.  This blog has provoked quite a discussion and long list of comments.  Read the whole thing, think, and add your opinion.  I added mine:

I don’t think term limits are the answer, although spending, social security, medical benefits, etc. should be kept to what the rest of us deal with. I do think that laws should be passed to prevent “add-ons” to bills; one issue at a time, and there should be more publicity about each issue with a medium for the citizens to express their opinion to their representatives, and that opinion made public.

In addition, although we can hardly cancel out the party system at this point, I wish a third or even fourth party would come into power. The two-party system makes for more shenanigans and struggles and less being done.

In addition, we should limit campaign time and spending. And pay less attention to personal human failings (even our founding fathers had their unsavory secrets in their personal lives) and more on what the legislators are doing for (or to) us!

Add your comments.

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