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What Card?

    More and more we have accumulated cards; debit cards, credit cards, library cards, insurance cards... the list for most of us is long, usually convenient but always a concern in case of fraud, which is more and more common. But there's a more important one that can take a load off your mind and your responsibilities. Dis-card!

    Start with one closet or room at a time. Clothing and shoes - if you haven't worn it for a year, or it's worn, the elastic is going, or doesn't fit right, donate it! Clear out drawers; junk drawers are usually just that. Kitchen drawers? If you haven't used it in a year it's just taking up space. Clear out your bookshelves - are you really going to read it again? And if you MUST do so some time in the future, use the library. Many are obsolete if you use the internet.

    Check the medicine cabinet and make-up/personal care cupboards and drawers. Pay attention to expiration dates! Old make-up grows germs, and if you haven't used an item in a year, will you ever? Watch expiration dates on cans of food; if it's nearly there, or slightly past, donate it to a homeless shelter or other charity. If really past the use date, heave it!

    Clean the refrigerator every week or two. By organizing, you will find things easier, and you can discard anything old or moldy. You'll be guarding your health and making life easier. Defrost, clean and re-organize freezers too, from time to time or whenever frost starts to build up. You'll find things easier and save electricity.

    Check the tool box or cabinets - there's things that you don't need or can't use anymore, or are in bad or dangerous condition. Bet you find 10 year old cans of oil, car wax, brake fluid, glue, etc. Throw things out, donate or hold a yard sale.
Even keepsakes - you've probably accumulated a bunch that you don't care for, or need to be passed down to a younger generation. Photos - blurred, too dark to make out, who is that? What? Heave it and organize the ones you really want.

    Yes, you may regret something later on, but the relief of not rummaging to look for things and cleaning around them will make up for it. Your home or office will look clearer, feel better, smell nicer and will be healthier and more attractive.
    I'm about to tackle my sheet music and books. My parents had some from their own parents and grandparents; they were musical, and I learned to play them also. I assumed at least one of my kids would have a musical ear, but no way, and I have books and sheet music that i falling apart and shredding - it's only good for cockroach food. I play piano mostly by ear or memory, and have some books that are still in good condition. Some I can no longer play because of age and its inevitable slowdowns. Then I'll go through the kitchen again, and the recipe files.

    Think about doing the same in your house or office.  You'll be glad you did.

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