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The F. R. O. G.

From my niece, Tara: 

I was told a story about a lady in the hospital who was near death when an area chaplain came to visit her.  This chaplain was a very young female with long blond hair.  She listened to the lady who was ill and left her a small gift for comfort.  It was a tiny ceramic frog.  The next day one of the people from the ladies church came to visit.  The lady told her friend about the beautiful young chaplain who had come to visit her.  The friend was so impressed with the way the lady had improved that she felt the need to talk to the young chaplain.  In her search to find the young gal, she was repeatedly assured that the chaplains are never very young and that there was never a gal that fit the description given.

Upon returning to the lady in the hospital, a visiting nurse entered the room and noticed the ceramic frog.  The nurse made the comment "I see you have a guardian angel with you." as she held the little frog.  When asked why she made the comment, she informed them that the frog stood for:
  F  Fully
  R  Rely
  O  On
  G  God

Tara says to pass a link to this page on to a friend.

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