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The Most Important People in the World

Contributed by Tara F:

Take this pop quiz.  Try to name:

  1. The five wealthiest men in the world.
  2. The last five winners of the Miss America Pageant.
  3. The last five Heisman Trophy winners.
  4. 10 Nobel or Pulitzer Prize winners.
  5. The last six Academy Award winners for Best Actor and Best Actress.

Now for the rest of the quiz.  Name:

  1. A few teachers who aided you in your journey through school.
  2. Three friends who saw you through a difficult time in your life.
  3. Five people who taught you something worthwhile.
  4. A few people who made you feel appreciated and special when you were  growing up.
  5. Five people you enjoy spending time with.
  6. Six heroes whose stories inspired you.

Which part of the test is easier?

The lesson here?  The people who make a difference in your life aren't the ones with the glittering credentials, the most money or honors.  The people who really make a difference are the ones who care!

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