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By Cynthia MacGregor

We all make mistakes. But life does give out do-overs. They have other names. “Divorce” is one of them. “Bankruptcy” is another. “Career switch” is still another. And so is “reconciliation.”

Divorce? Or the break-up of an engagement or other serious relationship? Don’t beat yourself up for marrying (or being involved with) the wrong person or for not making your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend happy. Just resolve to do better from this point forward.

Bankruptcy? Hold your head high. There was a time when bankruptcy was considered shameful, but no more. Too many of us have gotten into debt we could not get out of any other way. Bankruptcy is honorable. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed if this has happened to you. It’s in your past. Now move ahead. And be more careful about the debts you incur.

Career switch? You didn’t settle on the right career when you were fresh out of college or high school, or what was the right career for you then no longer fit you like a tailored suit when you hit thirty? Once upon a time “job-jumping” was frowned upon, but those days are gone. In those days, if you had made a poor choice in careers, well, you were pretty much stuck and that was that. Now, thank God, we have options, and if we didn’t choose wisely, or a better choice evinces itself, there is no longer a stigma involved in changing not just jobs but careers. Don’t berate yourself for not choosing wisely the first time. Just make the most of your newfound career.

Reconciliation? Instead of crying over the years lost while you and your former friend, your child, your parent, or someone else significant in your life weren’t talking to each other, be grateful that you have reconciled and do your best to make up for lost time and, above all, not to let it happen again.

We all make mistakes, but life does give out do-overs. Don’t wail over what went wrong or what you did wrong. Learn from your mistakes and move forward. Take the best advantage of whatever second chances life hands you.

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