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Versagrain introduces people to whole grain foods from around the world. It has nutrition information, health benefits, cooking instructions, and recipes for common and exotic grains. I think my site would be fun and informative for your readers as it exposes them to many healthy yet unfamiliar whole grain foods.

The Recipe Cafe is a great site for free recipes, and is  updated on a regular basis.  Ignore the grammar and concentrate on some truly delicious cooking.

Healthy Choice Recipes is a healthy online cookbook that provides free healthy recipes using nutritious, natural, and whole ingredients.

Spinney Kitchen is a family run business based in rural North Lincolnshire, selling a wide range of Olive Oils, vinegars, herbs, spices, tisanes, chutneys, mustards and a wide selection of tea and glassware. See their recipe section as well.

This is the greatest website about sushi I've seen.  Here's a sushi calorie counter.  Not only are there instructions for making and serving different kinds of sushi, but also you can even learn to use chopsticks - all in flash demos that are the ultimate in clever!   Make My Sushi

One of the best set of prep and cooking instructions is from George Mateljan's In-Home Healthy Cooking School.  Short video clips give actual demonstrations on chef-quality kitchen tricks.

Here's a cute and informative site; it's new, we'll see where it goes.  The Hungry Girl.

Beans, beans, good for your heart... and lots more too.  They are an economical and environmentally friendly source of protein and other nutrients, as well.  Substitute for a high meat diet for better health.  Here's a site that gives you a wide variety of healthy, tasty bean recipes - lots of them low carb - from several countries:  Randall Products

I don't usually recommend commercial sites, particularly those that have some products that compete with ours.  But I'm making an exception for this one.  It's GREAT!  and has really fine products too, I have some of them and know of and approve of others.  With so much junk on the market it's a joy to see quality merchandise on a site.   There's recipes too.  See the Canning Pantry.

Once in a while I find a website that knocks my socks off.  I'm still looking for one of mine after seeing this recipe, something I never would have thought of putting together in my wildest fantasies, and I come up with some pretty innovative food at times.  The website is Marions Kochbuch (also available in its original German at   The recipe that astounded me, featured on the front page, is Pork with Cream Cheese Filling.  Incidentally, the photography alone on this site is worth browsing, and the presentation superb (but you may head immediately for the refrigerator - yum!).  Take a look, you'll see what I mean.

For a real treat and some healthy and delicious food, visit Maria's Couzina with authentic Greek recipes to whet the appetite.

Cooking Resources has recipes and much more; it's worth a browse to sample what they have to offer.

Epicurean Foods International is a manufacturer and retailer of various gourmet food items and gift packs, with items such as flavored oils and vinegars, pastas, olives, seasonings, chocolates and more.  Make one hungry just visiting.  There's some recipes, too.

Mary Ellen would like you to see her great recipe website, That's My Home.   Bookmark her chili sauce recipe if you're expecting a bumper crop of tomatoes from your garden or u-pick this year - I swear it's the same fantastic one my mother and aunt used that I loved so much.

A complete listing of chocolate related sites offering various goods and products: Chocolate gifts, wine and chocolate, bulk chocolate and much more!  -- A great resource for all you chocolate lovers at The San Francisco Chocolate Factory..

For those with access to tropical and sub-tropical fruit and veggies, the Florida Department of Agriculture has some great recipes using Florida produce. Try those using Tropical Fruit, and not only desserts but salads and main dishes. 

"This is, hands down, the best recipe site on the web.  Here's a link to there "PORK" page at iChef Recipes.   AND they are great recipes, with imagination and they are REAL - GENUINE."   CHEF JEALOUS (ChefAl of Great World Chefs).

Sweet potatoes or yams aren't just a holiday veggie.  They're full of nutrition and flavor, and easy to cook.  Here's a wealth of info and recipes at North Carolina Sweet Potato Recipes website.

Looking for a recipe request, I happened upon this gem:  Amethyst's Recipe Collection.  Here's an absolute wealth of delicious eating.   

What's Cooking America by Linda Stradley has great information and links.  She's tops on many subjects.  Take a look.

The "Weedy Lady" says: "The Weedy Man and I stay thin, healthy, and energetic eating great quantities of these foods, and this is a good place to start if you believe (as we do) that 'you are what you eat'."  See their great foods and ideas at Fishing for Recipes.

Have you ever heard the comment, "If women ruled the world....?"  Women in many areas, and especially in much of the Arab world, have little influence in  current events, even though they are frequently the majority of society.  To understand other cultures, we need to start with the women, and where better than the food. Here's a sample from son Mark (Zog to his friends): Cooking with BJ.

See the great recipes, and our own Watkins recipe file.  

One of several favorite cuisines is that of Santo Domingo.  So I was delighted to have this new website called to my attention:  Aunt Clara's Dominican Cooking.   Some of the ingredients and preparations may seem odd at first to non-Hispanics, but they showcase examples of the best cooking and healthiest diets in the Caribbean!  An added bonus for language buffs is the sprinkling of Spanish throughout the English language site.  ˇAproveche!

Want to be a chef?  Thinking about making a career of cooking?  Or just be the perfect host or hostess and serve true gourmet meals to friends and family?  The complete guide to culinary schools can be found at

A wealth of scrumptious food is presented at Free Gourmet Recipes.  Take a look and get ready to cook.

Sandy's Recipe Room has a bunch of great recipes on her site.  This gal can cook!

Here's some great potato recipes that, combined with low-fat dressings, are a nutritiously satisfying choice that can keep you away from more fattening treats.  See Potato

Where else would you find everything you wanted to know about baking the Thanksgiving Turkey other than The National Turkey Federation.  Even has demonstrations for novices.  Pitch in and bake a feast!

Here's an odd but delicious recipe site.  See recipes at Cooking, from The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, presented by  

See great recipes at  - or our own Tupperware® recipe section.

Here's a site that's guaranteed to keep you in the kitchen.  Classico Creations using, naturally, Classico products for great Italian cooking that include lots of veggies.

Here's a delicious (but sometimes a bit high fat) recipe site, with genuine Down Home Southern Cooking (at it's best)!

Mayo Clinic has a great recipe resource that helps you make your favorite dishes healthier.

Do you like Italian food?  Here's a list of links to Italian recipe sites at  Mangia!  

This is a site worth taking look at, and then browsing some more.  Lots of recipes, resources like diabetic diet info, instructions, and seasonal stuff.

Got a bumper crop of something and you want to can it?  But you're not sure just how?  Canning isn't a lost art;  Ball and Kerr Canning Products is there to prove it.  See step-by-step instructions and recipes.

The Culinary Vixen by Vickie McCorkendale has a great collection of specialized recipe and food links.

Vernalisa's Party Corner has a great selection of recipes for parties, holidays and entertaining, plus tips, cocktails and more.  has a great selection of recipes for parties, holidays and entertaining, plus tips, cocktails and more.  has an additional website with "thousands of tried and true recipes.

JJ's Site has some interesting recipes and oodles of recipe links.  If the site seems a little odd, it appears that JJ might be a Trekkie.

Claire's Kitchen; a really good collection of recipes, handed down and from around the world

Bites of Asia has links, resources, contests, recipes and  much more, including various categories of Asian cooking.

Recipe Book Online lets you submit your own recipe or browse those others have sent in.  Same for clearly indexed cooking tips and links to other sites.   Loads quickly and navigates easily.

Light features recipes for food in moderation.  There's also tips on controlling weight.

Ocean Mist Farms; click the veggie you want to cook, then select "Recipes" for really delicious choices in cooking a variety of fresh produce.

Find Your Inner Chef - Corningware delicious recipes, developed in conjunction with Johnson and Wales University.  There's step-by-step classes with photos in a variety of techniques.

Sara's Kitchen;  spice mixes and more.

The Cook's Thesaurus suggests substitutions for thousands of cooking ingredients, including low-calorie and low-fat alternatives for dieters, inexpensive substitutes for gourmets on a budget, and innovative replacements for hard-to-find ethnic ingredients.

Birds Eye has loads of healthy recipes using frozen veggies and fruits.  Select Recipes from the menu.

Natural Health World; a few very healthy recipes.

Chef Older's, an interesting site.  Many recipes have an Eastern cast; all are a culinary treat.

Chef Paul Prudhomme is an expert at Cajun cooking.   He has Cajun and other recipes at his site, which promotes his brand of seasonings, but watch the fats!  Some of these delicacies will wreck your diet!

Watkins; here's a few recipes that were published in their  catalogs.   The pictures alone will ruin your diet!

The Kosher Express has a selection of Kosher Jewish recipes, for everyday and for holidays.   (You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy!)

Practical Kitchen.   Its well-written articles feature a number of healthy recipes. 

See these delicious and healthy recipes from the California Dried Plum Board.   Also on their site are recipes using prune puree instead of fat to produce moist, delicious baked goods.

Les Kincaid's food, wine and golf site.  Go to Food; select 'Click here for recipes" to check out some mouth-watering vittles!   He also features cooking hints worth reading.

Reluctant Gourmet has a delicious collection.   This is real gourmet cooking, mostly made easy.   Try his Chicken Roasted with Tomatoes, Potatoes and Olives.

Epicurious Food, representing Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines, naturally has a large recipe site.  Search by ingredient or name.

Recipelink.   According to an article by PBS, "If you want huge, here's the biggest, most expansive site in the food business, the one that has everything. . .".

There's a bunch of delicious holiday recipes at the small but tasty Holly Day Recipes site.  But watch the fats and sugars!  There's a lotta calories there too.

King Arthur Flour has recipes for bakers (watch the calories!).

Cathleen's Kitchen is a small but extremely tasty place to visit.  Try Easy Carrot Soup -  a winner! offers recipes, menu planners, nutrition and diet assistance and much more.

Florida Citrus Commission's recipes offers the best of foods which include tangy grapefruit, limes, lemons and oranges from Florida in the list of ingredients.

Ultimate Citrus site has more interesting recipes utilizing citrus from Florida.   Here's a warning; just because it's published on the web doesn't mean it's a good recipe.   In my opinion, one would have to be a masochist to eat the Ultimate Citrus recipe for Liquid Sunshine soup.   Bad move with that one, guys! 

PAM - the all natural cooking spray, offers recipes and cooking tips.  Select the "Pam's Kitchen" option.

Mission Foods, the makes of Mission tortillas, salsa and other Mexican foods, has a recipe site with hundreds of yummy South of the Border recipes and a menu planner.  We tried Greek Salad Roll Ups and it's delicious.

Alicia's Kitchen emphasizes easy recipes, diabetic, low-carbohydrate diets or low-sodium diets and more. Included are Campbell soup recipes, casseroles, pickles, cobblers, enchiladas,   microwave candy, salmon and tuna recipes, healthy chicken, salad, and sugar-free Jello Recipes.

Recipe Du Jour is funny, useful, and has oodles of delicious recipes.  They also offer three really fine newsletters.

Hamilton Beach offers a collection of recipes using - naturally - their appliances:  slow cookers, toaster ovens, blenders and mixes, grills, etc.

Find some interesting recipes at Carrie Rozee's Low Fat Recipes Page.

National Honey Board offers an informative and amusing site with recipes for adults and for kids, ideas and information about bees and honey.  Our favorite from this site is Honey Tea Cooler

Better Baking with Boulanger has a site with dozens of recipes. Most are breads and baked sweets, but there are also many for vegetables and fruits, soups, salads and main dishes.   Watch for and avoid the high fat and sugar in some.

A bunch of absolutely delicious recipes can be found at the Red Hot Chili Papers site.   If hot isn't popular with your family, try the recipes without peppers, or with just a hint of chili.

Catfish Institute, representing farm-raised catfish growers, offers dozens of recipes in several categories.

Campbell canned soupsFeatures a daily recipe and a database you can search.

Fabulous Foods for recipes using blueberries.

Lycopene Recipes    Healthy, delicious tomato recipes.

Recipe Guys.      Not only lots of neat recipes, but you may contribute your own, and even make up your own "cookbook" of recipes and have your own special web page.

Share web sites which have helped you provide a healthier diet for yourself and your family, or which would be of special interest to us all.
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