Asthma Prevention

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Asthma Prevention

Have you ever seen someone's child struggling to breathe while in the throes of a severe asthma attack?  There's something you can decide to do before your child is born that will help prevent going through that helpless terror.  According to a report in Gourmet Connection newsletter:


Breast-feeding babies for their first four months may protect against asthma and allergies. 

A study by Australian researchers examined 2,187 newborns from birth until 6 years, and those who are exclusively breast-fed for the first four months of life were significantly less likely to develop asthma and allergies at 6 than children who began drinking other types of milk before 4 months of age.

The findings are consistent with other studies showing breast-feeding benefits. Breast milk appears to contain important nutritional, anti-inflammatory or other substances that may help guard against asthma. (Source: FDA / British Medical Journal, 9/99)"

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What are your thoughts and experiences? 



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