GE Coffee Station Cappuccino – Espresso Coffee Maker Retraction

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Brewer Retraction

From a "Simply Tim" Recipe du Jour Newsletter:

I am no longer enthralled with my new Wal-Mart bargain-priced GE Coffee Station Cappuccino – Espresso coffee maker, about which I had wonderful things to say a couple weeks ago. Although it makes a fair cup of cappuccino, it is beginning to take longer and longer to do so. Someone wrote me last week with a similar problem, so it seems there may be a GE Coffee Station design flaw that goes beyond system cleaning and everyday maintenance. I was so pleased with having a frothy, caffeine-enlivened cappuccino every morning that it took quite a while for me to try the standard drip-brewing side of the contraption. The coffee warmer factory-set temperature is way too high, unless you like sipping coffee with a mouth spiked full of Novocain. I am forced to turn the machine off right after brewing, which necessitates frequent use of the microwave almost right from the get go. One of the little plastic nubs that hold the carafe’s hinged lid in place broke the first time I tried to remove it before washing. Now I have to hold the lid on with one hand while I pour coffee with the other. The inside of the thin-walled glass carafe has a sharp plastic handle-holder-thingy that not only shreds sponges while washing, but can leave a nasty gash on the hand as well.

I suppose I should have wondered at the Wal-Mart $25 price tag. It seems there was a very good reason why they were trying to get rid of them.

Reprinted by permission; 03/05/2007

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