Cold Cereal Blues?

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Cold Cereal Blues?

Are you beating yourself up because you only have cold cereal from a box for breakfast- or because you serve it to others?   Don't be so fast with the "mea culpas".   It's not a bad thing.   With everyone so rushed, why lose that extra sleep in the morning, just to wear yourself out in the kitchen before leaving for work, and then having to come home to a messy counter?

Relax.  Eat cereal.  Just be sure and get the right kind and serve it in a healthy way.   Use these guidelines:

  • Use skim or 1 %  milk for lower calories and fat and higher protein and calcium.

  • Use sugar sparingly (and don't buy "frosted", pre-sweetened or candied cereals).  Or try a few drops of stevia, a natural herbal sweetener, instead of sugar.

  • Avoid high-fat "cereals", and especially those with added palm and coconut oils.  The only fat in dry cereal should be the naturally occurring oils in the grains and seeds.

  • Add fruit to your cereal every day.  That boosts your vitamin, mineral and fiber intake, plus provides you with those important antioxidants.  Also, it tastes grrreat!

  •  Enjoy!  Don't feel guilty because you're not slaving over a hot stove making pancakes, French toast, hash browns, sausage or eggs.   Grains can be a good choice too.  

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