Columbia Disaster Update from the Scene

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Columbia Disaster Update
...from the Scene

Former Fuller Brush rep and contributor Sherry Benson lives and works right where the Columbia pieces fell.  She gives us an update and a request in regards to recovery efforts as of February 4th, 2003.

"I was at the camp in Logansport, La. that morning, when the whole camp shook and there was boom after boom.  For a minute, I thought I was dreaming.  But, turned on the news and a few minutes later heard what had happened to the shuttle, which was very unsettling.

I have a store in Hemphill, Texas where a lot of this is centered.  And close to Toledo Bend which is maybe 4 miles away.  The saddest thing about being here in Hemphill is that they have found so many pieces of body parts.  And some of the people are worried about what will happen to their water supply which is Toledo Bend, since there seems to be a piece of the shuttle in the lake.  The bass tournaments for the lake have been cancelled this week.

It's Tuesday, and today we are still overrun with agents from everywhere, along with the national guard.  There has been a memorial spot set up, coming into town, and many prayers for the family of the shuttle.  

Prayers and time for healing will be the only consolation in this time for them I am sure.... 

A request:  May all of your readers pray also for all of those here searching and coming upon things that none would ever, ever hope to have to look for... 

Sherry Benson"

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