A prune by any other name

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A prune by any other name....

Plum growers and prune marketers have just won permission from the FDA to call prunes "dried plums".  It just might work!  Prunes... excuse me, dried plums... are full of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, but people think of the food as "Those Funny Prunes", and snicker at prune juice jokes.

Richard Peterson, executive director of the California Dried Plum Board (you can guess what it was called previously) states that people stereotype prunes as a medicinal food, rather than a healthful, nutritious food.   Howard Nagar, vice president of Sunsweet Growers, admits that it will be an uphill battle.  "Let's just say that for many years prunes were advertised for a very specific nutritional message...." 

Want a delicious way to hide not only prunes but a whole bowlful of other nutritious goodies in a snack cake?  See Plum-Nutty Low-Fat Carrot Cake.   

How do you feel about prunes?   Dried plums?  Any hints or recipes?

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