Frankenfood's Benefits

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Frankenfood's Benefits

A couple of articles have taken off on Frankenfoods, genetically altered food sources.  I've emphasized in each that this is something that IS going to happen and will have some good effects, although many more controls and consumer product labeling needs to happen. 

A report in the Bowditch Group newsletter tells us that our government is intent on utilizing this technology:

"The Appropriations Committee of the U.S. Senate has included $30 million to cover plant genomics and biotechnology research in its version of the appropriations bill for the U.S. Agency for International Development for the next fiscal year.  Specifically, the $30 million in funding, if enacted, would provide for the development of "golden" rice, maize, cassava, wheat, bananas, canola and other crops preferred in developing countries. "Golden rice" and "golden maize" can help address vitamin A and iron deficiencies common in the developing world."

Please continue to push for labeling and for testing, but not for elimination; there's too many hungry and ill people out there for us to afford to do that.


























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