News from the Front Line

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News from the Front Line

"Friends and family, I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time and remind everyone how blessed we are to be Americans.

First, let me say that you all would be proud of the men and women in uniform who are conducting their missions and performing their duties to the highest standards of any professional organization or military.  Despite the deaths, the constant threat of attack, dust storms, working in streets filled with sewage, wild dogs, and the 3% of the population who wants to do us harm, the American "Can Do Esprit" is alive and kicking.  A great deal of thanks is due to people like you, who provide support to us from home.

Second, MAJ Hines would write to me once and a while when his unit did their tour in the very same place my team is conducting operations.  He would state how there are many great projects and programs that the coalition (American) forces are executing for the people of Iraq.  I can tell you that those projects and many more are still underway to make life here better.  However, no matter how hard you work or how many projects you have underway it still is not enough.  It is going to take us (World) a long time to fix this country both physically and emotionally.

Final and most important point I wanted to make, we (my American family and friends) are very lucky and blessed to be American.  Over the last two months I have had the unfortunate duty to look a few Iraqi officers and soldiers in the eyes and tell him that I can not allow or arrange for his sick son or daughter to see an American doctor.  The Iraqi doctors do not have the training, the standards, or equipment that our physicians have.  Understand that over the past two months I have been on 23 combat missions with the Iraqis, caught 184 terrorists, been shot at on two different occasions, and had bombs blow up so close to me that I thought my teeth were broken from the concussion.  To tell a man who I fight with on a daily basis that I can not help your child, fully knowing that we have the capability,  is very disheartening to say the least.

The fact that our families have the medical care, the education system, and general sense of safety in our homes and neighborhoods helps me realize just how lucky and blessed we are.  I have sent many of you pictures of the Iraqi neighborhoods and explained how bad the living conditions are here in Iraq and Baghdad.  My driver put it best when he stated "Seeing a picture and seeing the images on TV do not give this place justice, this is something you have to see, smell and feel for yourself to gain a true understanding of this environment".  Although many of use will return for multiple tours, I do not wish this duty on anyone. 

Speaking personally on the behalf of my family and yours, I will return here as many times as it takes to ensure that Ryan, Sara, Trey, Little Nate or any of our children do not have to complete the job/ task I (my generation) has been asked to fight.

God Bless the USA!


Note:  whatever your thoughts on the conflict "over there", send a Thank You to everyone you know who is over there serving our country.










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