What's the Latest on Grape Juice?

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What's the Latest on Grape Juice?

A report in the Bowditch Group newsletter says:

"Welch's has announced that its Purple 100% Grape Juice meets the American Heart Association's nutritional criteria for heart healthy foods and now carries the American Heart Association's Heart-Check Mark on its packaging.  American Heart Association guidelines for food certification require that the food be low in cholesterol, fat and saturated fat; contain no more than 480 milligrams of sodium per serving; and contain at least 10 percent of the minimum daily values for one of six primary nutrients -- protein, dietary fiber, vitamins A & C, calcium or iron.  Welch's Purple 100% Grape Juice contains 100% of the daily value for vitamin C.  In addition to being certified, purple grape juice may contribute to flexible, healthy arteries, according to preliminary research conducted at the University of Wisconsin Medical School.  A USDA study also found that Welch's Purple
100% Grape Juice has more than three times the antioxidant power of other popular fruit juices."

Read Welch's own reports on this subject at Healthy Living.    Another report claims purple grape juice can help reduce cholesterol and has a protective anti-clotting effect.

Another reason to throw out the sodas and fruit-flavored ades and drink real fruit juice;   see Beverages.  

Serve grape juice chilled or with ice.   Freeze "Popsicles" of pure grape juice to refresh on hot summer days; Tupperware« makes cute, eared Mickey Mouse "ice tups" for that purpose.  Make gelatin desserts with real grape juice; see Black Mess.   Or have a cow-- a Purple Cow with a double nutrition whammy!  

Recipes from Welch are found at Recpes.

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