Green Tea is Red Hot

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Green Tea is Red Hot              

Various articles and studies have hinted that green tea may boost the immune system and even fight cancer.  But the latest study as published in Newsday shows an even more dramatic benefit.  Researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland have found evidence that green tea can battle rheumatoid arthritis!  This incurable disease causes crippling disability in hundreds of thousands of persons each year in the USA, and is fairly rare in countries where green tea is the beverage of choice.  What an easy and delicious way to feel better!

Green tea is lower in caffeine than black tea and much lower than coffee.  It's a healthy drink for children too.    

If you have rheumatoid arthritis or a family tendency to it, you may consider adding several cups to your daily diet.   The taste is different, but the reported benefits make it worth getting used to, and if you drink a cup or two daily, you probably will come to like it.

Now that summer is almost here, stock up on green tea.   Black tea has most of the same protective compounds, but in much smaller quantities.  If your family likes iced (black) tea, sneak in some green tea too.   Start with a small addition of green tea and increase it over time.   Try using part green tea in Lady Bird's Spiced Tea recipe, Sneaky Kitchen's Spiced Iced Tea, or Orange-Mint Iced Tea.


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