Let Your Kitchen Be Your Pharmacy

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Let Your Kitchen Be Your Pharmacy

Worried about the impending pandemic of swine flu, and other spreading illnesses?  Here in South Florida we've even seen a return of tropical Dengue Fever.

An ancient Greek doctor wrote: "let food be thy medicine...."  This is still true today.  Scientists admitted some time ago that chicken soup was one of the best medicines for a cold.  But kitchen medicine goes far beyond that.  Medical texts from a century ago still relied greatly on herbs and items from the kitchen for cures.  The enthusiasm with which doctors embraced vaccines, antibiotics, surgery and exotic chemical potions throughout the past century eclipsed the knowledge of nutrition and natural cures and support systems.  Now the tide is turning, and nutrition is once again taking its vital place as a promoter of good health and resistance to disease. 

Many cures were palliative, recommended just to do something that perhaps would help.  Some had a grain of truth.   See "Why Eat Onions" and the medical text at the bottom of the page about onions reducing fever.  There's still people that swear by this remedy.  To a large extent, however, items of food are better inside the body, rather than outside, and before illness strikes rather than waiting until one is sick.

Read this article by Laura Landro, online in the Wall Street Journal:  "Flu Fighters in Your Food".   She begins "While many people are still waiting for swine-flu vaccine to become available in their area, there is a lot they can do in their own kitchens to help fight off disease and build a strong immune system."   This is serious stuff, folks, and worth reading.

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