Why Do I Gain the Weight Back???

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Why Do I Gain the Weight Back???

So you've lost weight - and you've probably lost before, and then gained it back.  Why?

According to and article in the Journal of Applied Physiology, it's because your metabolism slows down. 

Makes sense - you're mind knows you are cutting calories to lose weight, but the body still reacts as if food were scarce, and tries to conserve energy.

The only way to healthily lose weight and keep it off is to exercise, which revs up the metabolism.  If you're young and healthy, you have more choices. If older or with health problems, you may be limited, so check with your doctor before you embark on new and more vigorous exercise programs.

Walking, swimming, exercising in the pool or even "chair dancing" to music or lifting light hand weights, if done frequently, will fit the bill if you are limited. 

Keeping weight normal is hard work!  We weren't made to be sedentary, but most of us are, relatively speaking.  That plus the abundance of tempting fat-encouraging  fast food and ready-made, and it's no wonder there's an obesity crisis in the USA.

So now you know - it's up to you to follow through and keep that weight in check by using two methods.

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