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Does later-age onset diabetes run in your family?  Are you overweight, inactive or have other risk factors for diabetes?  Here's some ways to possibly avoid getting it.  According to the latest news, with a lowered fat diet and you can dramatically drop the probability of future risk for this unpleasant and harmful disease.

Here's yet another reason to wash your produce, and we're not talking about just rinsing here, either.  Ever hear of shigella?  Read more at HealthScout.

Great news!  Karen Danielson has sent her new cookbook, Creations and Collections from KD's Kitchen, to the publisher.  She'll get the proofs back in about three weeks, and then off to the printer.  We'll keep you posted!

How about a blood thinner that's safe, effective, helps prevent blood clots, and tastes good too.  An unexpected source!

Progress Report: Spring's here, a TV show and a new cookbook almost ready, from Karen Danielson.

Engineered corn is found to be toxic to Monarch Butterflies.  Is this the environment we wish to leave for our children and grandchildren - a world without this beautiful butterfly.   Read the full report at CBSNews:  Corn Safety Questioned 

Sherry Benson, in the midst of the area of search of Columbia pieces and body parts, takes time out to report on a moving concert and memorial the day after the disaster.  Read Steve Green (Christian) Concert and Astronaut Testimonial

The people that present "History in a Nutshell" have a new presentation and also need your help, especially in this time of crisis in the Middle-East.  See "Helping History..." to find out how.  

Got acne?  Or is a family member marked with this ugly problem?  According to an article in the Archives of Dermatology December 2002 issue, it may be excessive grains consumption.  The controversial Dr. Mercola, who apparently believes excessive consumption of grains in general are one of the roots of all evil must be getting a laugh out of this.  Give it a try; it's safer than the drugs they prescribe.

'Tis the season to light candles.  But this can be a deadly decision.  It's a leading cause of home fires, and so preventable.  For safety tips, see The National Fire Protection Association's site.

You refilled a prescription, but the pills are different.  Is it the right stuff?  Or what is that tablet or capsule you've found in your kid's room?  Identify it at Healthscout.  Find the pill identifier at the bottom of the left-hand menu bar.

Here's some really great ideas on how supplements and diet can maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system, and further, how to stay recovered from a heart attack, angioplasty or bypass, according to recent research.  See Healthy Heart News.   And guess what?  The same regimens may help cut the risk of developing Alzheimer's.

What staple of the pre-industrial diet has been shown to help prevent prostate and other cancers, as well as improve overall health and help promote regularity.  Flaxseed!   Three rounded tablespoons of ground flaxseed daily, with a low fat diet, reduced rates of tumor growth and improved prostate function, according to recent research.  It has many other benefits as well, can be added to hot or cold cereal, muffins and breads, meatloaf, grits and many other dishes, actually improving the taste.  Downside?  You have to buy them fresh from a "health food" or natural foods store, and keep it in the refrigerator or freezer.  The fresher it is, the better it works.

There is no featured recipe this period.  Personally, I lose the heart to prepare and eat fine meals when I know others are hungry.  Instead, here's a request. You are undoubtedly planning to celebrate the New Year. We are too, and we have a lot to celebrate.  But when you do, buy a little less bubbly, purchase a cheaper meal, or just give thanks for your good fortune this past year, even through possible difficulties such as we personally have undergone in 2004.  Give thanks for a place you call home that keeps off rain and sun and gives you privacy. Safe drinking water. Something to eat. A way to earn more of the same.  Then it's payback time.

The worse disaster to hit the world in years, perhaps as grievous as World War II, or the grand explosion of Krakatoa with it's fallout around the world, has taken place in dozens of countries in the western Pacific and Indian Ocean. Imagine having perhaps lost a spouse and some of your children, your home wiped away down to a mere stain where the foundation was, no clean drinking water, no food except perhaps what you can scavenge. You know you may lose what may be left of your family - and your own life - in the coming days due to disease and starvation. And even if you survive you have lost all means of employment for the foreseeable future. For just a moment, try to imagine and put yourself in that person's place - walk in their footprints.

Diabetes type 2, the kind you get as a middle-age or older adult, can turn those expected golden years into a rusted, tarnished horror story.  New studies suggests that a cause may be a common, universally consumed food.  Read about this research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, as well as other recent sources. 

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