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Then celebrate the New Year in the best and most satisfying way. Call it being part of the human family, Christian (or other religion) charity, or simply your responsibility to your fellow man. Food and water can only be purchased and transported with money. Send whatever donation you can to the International Red Cross quake aid (or the Red Crescent if you are Muslim). It will be the most satisfying beginning to the New Year.  I truly believe that what you give will come back to you in one way or another tenfold in the coming year.

News flash:  here's a possible cholesterol- and fat-burner with only good side effects, according to studies by the US Dept. of Agriculture.

Pregnant women really are eating for two.  Here's proof.

I just received the ultimate in fraudulent email.  For about one second, I almost bit.  Answering this email could wipe out your checking and charge account.  Take a look and be forewarned.

Reputedly, if all the Oreo cookies sold to date were stacked one on top of another, the height of the stack would be almost as tall as 10 million Sears Tower Buildings!!!  It's not just the fast food that gets us, obviously it's the snacks too.  Imagine if that stack fell on you.  Death by chocolate?

Is our government about to "throw out the baby with the bathwater"?  Read about this proposed attack on the sanctity and privacy of our homes, activities and communications, including a way to get around our constitutional right to avoid "unreasonable search and seizure", in Government Seeks Freedom to Snoop.  And see what I believe is the connection between our lack of security and the present health care system.



























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