Weird Remedies for Osteoporosis?

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Weird Remedies for Osteoporosis?

As more and more Americans reach increasingly advanced ages, there's also an increase in many ills.  This includes osteoporosis, or loss of bone mass and strength, especially post-menopausal women.  The best remedy is out of reach - being physically active before age thirty.  Either we were or we weren't!

Thankfully drugs like Fosomax and other bone strengtheners are some help.  We have experience with this.  Husband Floyd has rampant osteoporosis, especially in the spine, including a fracture.  This isn't due to inactivity or diet - he has to take a high dose of Coumadin, a blood thinner, because of repair to a birth defect in his heart.  This can result in osteoporosis.  He takes Fosomax and has a diet high  in calcium and Vitamin D, but progress is slow and painful.  Therefore I read with great interest about two studies purporting to strengthen bones naturally.  

One:  we've written before about the outstanding benefits from prunes see Those Funny Prunes.  But for bones?  Unbelievable!  Never the less, more than one study shows that eating prunes daily, maybe four twice a day, results in improvements in osteoporosis!   Put "prunes + osteoporosis" in your internet search, and you'll come up with a number of articles. 

Second:  studies have shown that high-impact aerobics, jumping and running all have a positive effect on bone strength.  But that's out of the question for my spouse.  It was with interest I read of a study that shows the simply standing on one foot for two or three minutes, then the other, a couple of times a day strengthens the hip bones, as well as exercising the muscles and improving balance.

We'll give it a try, in addition to the Fosomax, and see if it helps his bone strength and balance.  Both remedies have many benefits in addition to bone strength, so it can't hurt.

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