Pregnancy?  Take note...

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Pregnancy?  Take note.....

If you are expecting or plan to be, or have a friend or family member who is pregnant, this is worth noting.  One of the most devastating diagnosis of illness in your child would be leukemia.   A study was recently done and reported in the journal "Cancer Causes and Controls".   The food intake of 138 women whose child had a specific kind of leukemia was compared with the diets if the same number of women whose children did not have the disease.   The result shows - no surprise - that good health starts at conception and builds its foundation while still in the womb. 

Women who's diet was rich in vegetables, fruits and protein both before and during pregnancy dramatically reduces the risk of this disease in the child.  The strongest impact was for foods such as carrots, string beans, peas, cantaloupe, beans and other legumes, and beef.

Much more about diet in farm animals is known and implemented than in humans.  The cost - emotional, physical and financial - of poor childhood health is enormous.  Remember - or print this article or send it to anyone you know that is pregnant or planning to be - you really are eating for two!


























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