Progress Report: Spring, a TV show & new cookbook

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Progress Report: Spring, a TV show & new cookbook

Karen Danielson continues to forge ahead in her spare time on her cookbook.  From a letter last month:

"Things are beginning to thaw up here.  It's to be about 48 today and the daffodils and crocus as up.  The birds are going crazy at the bird feeder and are already starting to fly around in their little mating ritual.  The ground hog didn't see his shadow on Feb.2 and went back in for 6 more weeks of winter.  Good ole Punxetawney Phil-- he's the fattest little bugger you ever saw.  We went to the ceremonies a couple of years ago, up on Gobbler's Knob.  Fun thing to do.  Have you seen the old movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray?  Cute film.  It was filmed in Punxie.

"Going on Spring Break this coming Saturday.  Planning to do some major cookbook work. Will send you a new recipe to add to the collection.    The cookbook is going well.  I sent in an attachment for my editor to read and she said just keep on doing what I'm doing that everything is looking  good.  I have Appetizers, Beverages and Dips done.  Also Cakes, Cookies and Candies, Pies, Pastries and Desserts.  I'm almost finished with Miscellaneous, and I saved the two biggies for last, Main Dishes and Casseroles and Soups, Salads and Vegetables.  I mention The Sneaky Kitchen in one of the recipes."

Here's a copy of a newsletter from the college where she works:

Stirring Things Up
Karen Danielson gets the juices flowing on WQED cooking show
By Amy Clingensmith

For Director of Student Health Services Karen Danielson, one of the best ways to make someone feel better is to feed them, and feed them well.

Danielson, a registered nurse, was recently featured on the public television program "WQED Cooks" on the "I is For Italian" segment.  Viewers of the cooking show had the opportunity to send in recipes, some of which were published in a WQED fund-raising cookbook.

The lifelong cook, a resident of (this city) for the past 30 years, sent in about 10 recipes, chosen from her collection that she’s compiling for her own cookbook, one that she hopes to publish herself for family and friends by the end of the summer. Although the recipes keep stacking up, Danielson has set the limit at 275.

When producers called Danielson, who has worked in the Health Center since 1976, and asked her to cook on "I is For Italian," they were especially interested in her recipe for Heart-Healthy Alfredo Sauce, which she made in the WQED kitchens.

This isn’t the first time Danielson’s recipes have brought her attention. She has had recipes published in the "Too Busy to Cook" section of the July 1987 issue of Bon Appetit magazine and in several Bon Appetit cookbooks since then. Danielson also is a contributor of culinary creations to the web site

In fact, Sneaky Kitchen, a food-centered web site run by Bess Metcalf, is dedicated to recipes by cooks just like Danielson. The site is full of Danielson’s recipes and features several stories on her.

Although Danielson has been a contributor on Sneaky Kitchen for some time, the WQED show was definitely a memorable culinary creation.

"It was a wonderful experience," Danielson said. "(Producer) Chris Fennimore is very personable and comfortable to work with. He came back behind the scenes and mingled with the people, putting you instantly at ease. I thought I would be nervous, but when I got up on the set, it was just like being in my own kitchen, cooking with an old friend.

"The feedback and fallout from the show has been tremendous," she continued. "I started getting e-mails from people who had watched the show and tried the recipe."

One woman who had watched the show checked out the Sneaky Kitchen web site and e-mailed Danielson saying that she and her husband loved the recipe. Several days later, Danielson received another e-mail from the same woman and found out that the sender had friends who were ‘80s grads of the College. The alumni said that one of their fondest memories was a certain  cereal/cookie bar they used to get in the cafeteria.

Because it was a favorite of theirs, they wanted the recipe and Danielson happened to have it.

"So I was able to send it off and made three former (students) very happy," Danielson said. "It was a Cheerios bar with mini chocolate chips."

WQED’s "I is for Italian" and Danielson’s flair for recipes has created quite a bit of notoriety for her. In fact, WQED has informed Danielson that her recipe for Heart-Healthy Alfredo Sauce has been one of the most requested recipes for the entire show.

"The show must have a large viewing audience," she said, "because people come up to me in the grocery store to tell me they saw me on TV.  I've received cards in the mail, phone calls, about 25 to 30 orders for my up-and-coming cookbook and requests for recipes."

See Karen's recipe for healthy Chicken Stroganoff and Skinny Chicken and Vegetable Fettuccine Alfredo.   

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