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Clean Out Those Cupboards!

Here's an excerpt from a CNN article: 

ITHACA, New York (CNN) -- We are powerless to ignore the clarion call of the candy jar, the beckoning of the buffet, the summons of the snack cupboard.  That's the conclusion of Brian Wansink, author of "Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think" and head of Cornell University's Food and Brand Lab.

Wansink has spent a career watching how people behave around food -- at home and work, in sit-down restaurants and buffets, and in the many other places where Americans routinely chow down.

"We believe we have all the free will in the world. We believe we overeat if the food is good or if we're really hungry. In reality, those are two of the last things that determine how much we eat," Wansink says. What really influences our eating, he says, are visibility and convenience.

In one experiment, Wansink placed candy jars of chocolate in office workers' cubicles for a month. Then, he moved the candy six feet away. Simply having the candy closer meant the office workers ate five more candies a day. That adds up to 125 calories a day, or 12 pounds a year.

If you still haven't cleaned out your cupboards of all items you or family members shouldn't eat, this should help you do it.  Anything tasty is going to call your name - or someone else's.

This is especially important if there's a family member on a diet - obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol or any other health concern.

Substitute fruit, nuts and other healthy snacks in plain sight, and if there aren't any unhealthy treats available, you'll be surprised how short a time it takes until eating habits change.

Try posting a suggestion list on the refrigerator - carrot sticks, celery with peanut butter, low-fat tortilla chips (with no trans-fat) with healthy salsa, fruit slices.. there's a world of healthy and tasty eating out there.


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