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Kraft Tacos just figuratively hit the fan this week.

SafetyAlerts announced the government recall of taco shells made with a genetically-altered corn that is not approved for human use.  This corn has had a bacterium gene inserted that makes it toxic to an insect pest.  It's one of the rarer bio-engineered varieties of corn, and the government is apparently concerned enough about its safety that it is the only altered corn product not approved for human consumption.  In other words, it can only be used for animal feed.

In a previous article, Ladybird, Ladybird, serious questions were raised about this type of food.  If  some "Frankenfoods" are toxic to insects, can they also be toxic-- or at least unwholesome-- for human beings?  Quite possibly.  And this isn't the only concern. Author Alex Jack wrote a book expressing concern about this type of food, entitled, "Imagine a World Without Monarch Butterflies.

Personally, if I had already eaten some, I wouldn't have health concerns, but I'd be really upset that Kraft had let this slip through.  And I'm further concerned that the government still hasn't required labeling of all genetically altered foods.  As consumers, we have the right to know what we are eating!  You'd be astounded as to what percentage of grains and legumes grown in the USA already are genetically altered.  This is NOT the case in Europe, Great Britain and a number of other countries, who are still highly suspicious of possible health and environmental concerns.   

Should we stop with this brave new science?  No.  But more research is needed, and better labeling!


What are your feelings about genetically engineered foods?  Do you accept them?  Want to know more?  Or oppose them?  Do you want your growing children or grandchildren to eat them? 






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