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Tomato Seeds & Clot Prevention

I always knew there was a reason (besides laziness) that I never seed the tomatoes I use in salads and cooking.  Actually, I always figured they were good for something, and here's proof in the form of an excerpt from LE Magazine reporting on finding from the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland:

A study found that tomatoes could be the key to preventing blood clots that cause heart disease and strokes, two of the biggest killers in the developed world.  The yellow jelly around tomato seeds keeps platelets in the blood from clumping together and so eliminates dangerous clots that block blood vessels.  Jelly could be an alternative anti-platelet therapy to aspirin, which is widely used to prevent blood clots but can cause upset stomachs and bleeding.  The jelly from as few as four tomatoes reduced platelet activity by up to 72%, and did not cause bleeding.  The jelly around the seeds sets it apart from other antioxidants such as vitamin C. Tomatoes are the best source of the anti-platelet chemical.  Strawberries, melons, and grapefruit also contain it. 

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Reports from other sources on the same body of research states that this reduction in clotting is accomplished without increasing the risk of internal hemorrhage or bleeding after an injury, something that other blood thinners cannot guarantee.

One more reason to eat your tomatoes!



























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