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Easy, Healthy Weight Loss Aid

The article reminds us about studies that show that phytochemicals in green tea are powerful antioxidants and may help fight against various cancers.  But a recent study shows another benefit; if may help people trying to lose weight.

Green tea apparently promotes weight loss by inhibiting absorption of fats and cholesterol.  An animal study was published in the June issuer of the Journal of Nutrition;  hamsters were fed a diet of lard, water and green tea extract; another group were fed the same without the green tea.  Those that received the green tea had significantly lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels than those who didn't get the green tea.  (Poor hamsters; I hope they gave them a treat at the end of the study.)

Another study by French scientists placed 60 obese women on a 1,800 calorie a day diet.  Half of them received green tea supplementation, the other half a placebo.  After two weeks, the green tea group had lost twice as much weight as the other group.

In addition, a hot cup of tea warms the tummy and the fingers during winter and wet spring weather.  Summer's coming.  Forget the diet soda;   include green tea when you make iced tea.  Try Lady Bird's Spiced Tea, our Spiced Iced Tea, Honey Tea Cooler and Orange-Mint Iced Tea.  


























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