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What?!?  Eat more T-bone Steaks? 

A Harvard study states:

". . . there isn't any strong evidence that animal and vegetable protein increases your risk of getting ischemic heart disease -- a heart attack."

What about this?  Is it possible we can pig out on T-bone steaks, roast beef, barbecued ribs, lamb chops and other luscious treats?   

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind . . . . .   But here's some hard and true facts:

  • The bottom line isn't yet written on the multiple links between personal health and one's total diet,

  • The entire diet, the ethnic group and the sampling parameters must be taken into consideration,

  • One can make statistics say anything you want them to say,

  • No matter what your position, you can find facts and figures to support that conclusion,

  • Everything in moderation!

My opinion?   If you're in reasonably good health, emphasize the positive.  Consume lots more veggies and fruits, especially bright green and dark yellow ones.  Increase your use of herbs, seasonings and garlic.  Eat more whole grains and some oily fishies, especially those from cleaner cold salt water.  Avoid excesses of fats, sugars, additives and highly processed foods.  Drink lots of water or non-cola and non-caffeinated beverages.   Don't overeat.   If you can manage to do these prudent things, the rest may just take care of itself.


























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