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From my brother, Lloyd Williamson:

Remember that we said we were shopping for a companion for our German Shepherd? Well, here she is.  We had not planned on this so soon, but she was at the pet store with an animal rescue group when we went for fish food-- Kyle fell in love with her and that was it. She is half German shepherd and half husky (the rescue group had a lot of history, curiously) and was obviously intelligent even at 7 weeks old......"

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"Kyle named her Nikki-- the name they had on her was Wolf and he didn't like it.  She has gone from 5 pounds to 10 pounds in two weeks so I think she might be pretty big when grown.  She is also pretty active right now and I'll be happy when Kyle is done with school the end of this week so he can take a hand with her in the daytime.  As of now, I go home at lunch, run her around the block, feed her, put her back in her crate and then hustle back to work."

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From Bess:  Be interesting to see how that mixture of temperaments works out.  Does look like an alert, intelligent pup (except when zonked out, of course).

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