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  • House of Lloyd (World of Christmas) just went belly-up.  I sent out info about the great Fuller Brush earning opportunity to  several hundred of their reps culled from the web.  One response led me to a truly beautiful place with great photos and gorgeous animals. 
  • Need a hug?   Here's one from Fuller Rep Linda Mann that will warm your heart.
  • Chef Al, always ready on the spot, has sent a couple of photo - I assume of himself... In one, I think maybe he's preparing for bed.  In the other, maybe he's trying to say he's a swinger.   Or maybe he's just trying to say he's a beast in the kitchen.  Take a look! 
  • Another Take:  Do Dogs go to Heaven?  Maybe, if they have the right kind of master.   Forwarded by my brother, Lloyd Williamson.
  • Here's a daily Bible verse, Psalm 23, in real action- forwarded by Fuller Rep Linda Mann.  It's not what you expect.
  • Here's a story about my early years in Sarasota, Florida, Cool Dogs, more Cool (Spooky) Dogs (both delicious), and William Wegman.


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