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This letter should offer a bit of comfort for those dealing with the loss, or impending loss, of a beloved animal companion.  Photo below.  

Monday, 5 April 2004  
Dear Bess,

My name is Irene Chen and I live in Malaysia.  Right now I am spending my last days with my beloved Sarah; she is 12 years old and has cancer in her lungs and abdomen, she is weak and having an incurable cough now, and there is nothing more we can do for her except to return her to the LORD for healing this week.  Sarah has been my pillar of strength and my sunshine for the past 10 years.  It is really hard for me to let go.  But I know I must for I want her to go with dignity and remember her at her best.
I have just came upon your page with regards to dogs going to heaven, a few minutes ago.  Now let me tell you the following, in the exact same words that I have been using to tell my friends.
"Last Thursday night, I lay in bed with Sarah beside me.  I was in the state between awareness and sleep and started having some dreams about some unrelated stuff.  Then suddenly, I had a vision.  A very vivid vision, which I can still 'see' in my mind now: Sarah was young and whole again, walking with me, in a field of wildflowers which was lighted in brilliant gold by a most glorious early sunset!  I take it as God's way of telling me that I will go Heaven one day and be reunited with Sarah."
See the similarities of that with your vision??  The choice of words that you and I used are almost the same and the vision is almost the same!
"That night I had a very vivid dream.  I was walking with Snoop in a forest.  He was old and slow, snuffling here and there as dogs do.  As we came to a large, bright meadow full of wildflowers, Snoop suddenly lifted his head and gave a great leap in the air.  I looked across to the other side and there was the old man on the other edge of the meadow gesturing for Snoop to come."
Bess, with this, I am totally convinced that we will all be reunited with our pets in heaven; we will meet them again in that bright/golden meadow/field full of wildflowers.
I want to thank you so much, surely this is much of a consolation and reassurance for me.
God bless you,
Irene and Sarah


Dear Bess,
Thank you for putting up my e-mail on your website.  I shall do a link to it on my website.  Sarah went back to the Lord at around 9.45am Thursday 8 April 2004.
It has been raining here everyday, in the evenings, for the past three weeks.  But on that date, there was not a drop of rain!  I take it as the sign that I have been praying so desperately for: that Sarah has really gone to be with the Lord, is made whole again, and waiting for me.  It rained again the next day and even up till today.
Once again, I thank you for featuring us on your website.
Love and kisses from
Irene, and Sarah from up above

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