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Is this a mummified dog, perhaps from Peru or Egypt?  Or something else altogether?  It's Sasha  

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This is (was) my paper recycle bin.  It fits under my desk.  When Sasha is sleepy, she pulls it out.  If the bin sticks, she teaches it a lesson by nibbling on an edge to punish it, growling ferociously.

Next she checks the contents to see if anything missed being shredded, and if so, she does it.   Then a bit of digging to make a nest.

Finally she turns around a few times to mat down the tall grass and sort of collapses into the box, pulling in any appendages that have been left hanging out as well as she can. 

It must work  Very little disturbs her sleep.  On the other hand, friend Sadie is a little more dignified, often ascribing to the "kitten on the keys" method of sleeping.  Our cats are taught to avoid stepping on or knocking over dishes, keyboards, phones, etc.   But she must feel she is doing a service by holding down the keyboard, with one eye open, during catnaps.  See how dignified she is?

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