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Granddaughter Jackie found this poem on a site for victims of rape and abuse:

Anger and Tears

Too many nights she lay awake
Fighting back the tears
Too many years were wasted
Living in her fears.

Her innocence was taken away
Replaced by memories
So many times she's wondered
How would her life have been?

Where were the strong arms
To keep her safe at nights?
What made her laughter disappear?
When will the hurting stop and the memories fade?

And will she find someone to wash away
The anger and the tears?
She prays to God to wash away
The anger and the tears.

She's waiting for the light to shine
And burn the dark away
She's hoping that the child she was
Can live with yesterday.

She prays for the shame to end
Though it hasn't happened yet
She thinks that one day maybe 
She'll forgive but not forget.

Written By Susan Aglukark 

Jackie was surprised to learn that Aglukark is a noted award-winning artist in Canada, both as a songwriter and singer.  She composes and sings both in English and in her native Innuit.  Whatever the language, the message and her voice are clear, sweet, but hard-hitting.  See her website with more information.  She also spends a considerable amount of time in motivational speaking on issues that concern native Aboriginal youth and addressing their problems.


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