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When something so unexpected as the Columbia disaster happens, we are all reminded how fragile life really is.  Here's a poem by Hilda Graham.

God's Gift

I have walked through fields of flowers
and climbed the mountains high.
Watched the clouds of snowy white
as they float up in the sky.

I have watched the golden sunsets
and have seen the rainbows hue.
Listened to the oceans roar
and dreamed of dreams come true.

I have listened to the birds
as they fly amid the trees.
Watched the eagles as they soar
so graceful in the breeze

With so much beauty all around
I'm in awe of natures story.
As I think of all the things I've seen
what else can match this glory.

Gaze within a mothers eyes
as she cradles a newborn child.
See the love upon her face
as she sings a lullaby so mild.

How can we see all these things
and not be filled with love.
We should get down on bended knees
and thank the Lord above.

He provided all these things
for his children here on earth.
Let us show him how we feel
and praise him for his worth.

He gave us his most precious gift
his one and only Son,
and created all this world for us
the earth, the moon, the sun.

So as we say our prayers
each and every night,
let all of us make a vow
to live a life that's right.

Copyright Hilda Graham, January 10th 1998 

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