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Changing Skies  By Cynthia MacGregor
Sunrise seeks the day,
Seeping color through the sky.
Stars fade softly . . . gone.
Ev'ning breeze whispers.
Butterflies, like hopes, flit past.
Cherish the nightfall.
Snow cools the world's blush
And chills its embarrassed cheek,
Disguising its sins.
Flapping wings approach.
Bird calls fill the crisp, bright air.
Nature's scarlet song.
Wind-ushered, rain-fed,
Season passes to season
And marks out our lives.
Utterly still lake--
It looks so tight, a pebble
Dropped to it would bounce.
Shy moon hides brightness
When sister sun struts, poses,
Stealing the glory.
Clouds, tall as mountains,,
Loom high, invite sky-climbers,
Though cleats canıt grab fluff. 
Cloud-filled nights mask stars.
Determined to be seen, they
Just sparkle brighter.
Clandestine fingers
Of night slip carefully in,
Squeezing dayıs marrow.
The tree's bare branches,
All jutting upright,
Look like Strange bug antennae.
The moon gives me peace.
If only it could bring it
To the warring world.
Lightning is nothing
But untamed raw energy
Mocking mere humans.
































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