Poetry - Haiku
Sun & Moon 
By Cynthia MacGregor
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Shy moon hides brightness
When sister sun struts, poses,
Stealing the glory.
Velvet dusk settles
Like lowering sky blanket
Muffling day's clamor
The moon is on fire--
See how it burns, bright orange!
...Or has it rusted?
Orange-juice sunrise
Citrus-stains the morning sky,
Waking up the world.
Maple syrup moon,
Rain your soft, warm flavor down
And sweeten my life.
Crescent moon, so thin,
And yet so full of promise,
Hope grows as you do.
The moonıs golden glow
Lacks the sunıs sheer power, but
Shines when needed most.
Dusk captures the sky,
Wraps the world in its soft cloak,
And fires up the stars.
Grape-stain sunset spreads
Like spilled wine seeps through a cloth,
Tinting dayıs last light.
The sun, triumphant,
Reaches its zenith but knows
From there it must sink.

































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