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"Hi, I haven't been on for some time but thought I would pass this poem on  that is dedicated to my grandchildren and others. Sincerely,  Hilda Graham"


It's that spooky time of year
when ghosts and spirits fly
filling us all with fear
as they pass us by

Halloween spooks all around
Skeletons, witches, vampires too
watch out if you step outside
for they are watching you

Walk with caution and with care
Don't go out and roam
black cats on the prowl beware
for you are not alone

Spirits of the night are here
searching for their prey
Don't let them get near to you
or they'll carry you away

Haunted houses beckon
come on come inside
Do not let them fool you
you wont get out alive

Witches with their aglow
brewing their poisonous potions
Don't be tempted to taste them
they'll rob you of emotions

Skeletons walk, rattle and moan
they'll fill you all with fear
Do not listen when in sweetened voice
they say come with us dear

Pumpkins with their eyes on fire
make you shiver and quake
Keep very far away from them
or you'll pay for your mistake

Little spooks come to your door
shouting Trick or Treat
be sure you have on hand
something good and sweet

and as the midnight hour
reaches to greet the dawn
be sure to stay inside
where you will be safe and warm

Dedicated to all my grandchildren Oct.17, 1997  -- Hilda

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