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Frequent contributor Hilda Graham had a birthday yesterday, and received the best present a Mom could possibly get from her daughter.  Happy Birthday, Hilda, and many more to share with your family and friends, and our readers.

"Dear Bess:
I just received this from my daughter Julie who Lives in Lubbock, TX.  She sent this e-mail for my birthday which was yesterday the 24Th. of February.  I cannot tell how much this letter means to me.  Especially from a daughter  who always says she is not much of a writer. What she wrote means more than the world to me.    Hilda Graham"


From her beautiful green eyes which are so full of love and caring.

Her mind that is always thinking of others and how to help in all ways.

Her mouth that expresses so much love and helpful advice (plus speaking of fun and sad times in a special way).

Her arms that embrace you when you feel low and warm you with so much love.  Arms that have worked all her life to help take care of all of us no matter how tired she might be.  Giving us the help we needed through good and bad times.

A heart that is only made of love.  She shares it with all in such a tender way.  It breaks for those who have great loses and explodes with happiness for the good times.

Her legs which have had to support so much on her shoulders during rough times are always there to come to our needs and others.  Legs that can still do a jig with my Dad.  Legs that I know would bring her running if any of us needed her.

My Mom is one of those special people who has done so much for so many.  She has taken very little time for herself.  My Mom that I love with all my heart.

Wish I could give you a hug that would express to you how much I love you.  I could not have asked for a better and more loving Mom than you.  I might not be close in distance, but I am always there in spirit.  Love you so much!!!    


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